I’m a full-time artist and occasional writer with a focus on comics. I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Anna Sahrling-Hamm (also an artist), and I’m a member of Periscope Studio, America’s largest comic art studio. My interests outside of comics include short prose fiction, classic films, and Christian theology.

I’m available for commissions on all sorts of projects: sketches, portraits, caricatures, character design, comics, etc. Write me with any queries or comments at jessehamm@frontier.com.



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  1. Hi! I am a recent graduate from college. I have a training in storyboarding and in drawing comics. I was wondering from a professional yourself is to how you got your start in doing comics and storyboarding? Did you start off in comics first and branch out into storyboards? Were you already working in an artistic field before you started comics?

    Thank you for your time,

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