The swell folks at Toth Fans invited me to draw a pin-up celebrating the work of the late Alex Toth. I chose Thundarr, Ookla, and Ariel: characters he designed for the THUNDARR cartoon show — a favorite of my youth!


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  1. D’oh! Perhaps I should call YOU “Pundarr”!

    Yeah, animation studios (especially on TV budgets) typically avoid heavy shadows, which add expense and tend to “crawl” weirdly over the the figures. They also tend to frontload shows with costly opening sequences — sometimes produced by a different studio than the rest of the show — to reel viewers in with the false hope of superior animation. TV animation’s version of the “cover artist”!

    I never watched Clutch Cargo, but I’ve seen a similar effect used on Conan O’Brian, to put words in the mouths of photos of Schwarzenegger, Clinton, and other celebs. Always creepy!

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  2. Thanks, Andrew!

    I miss LiveJournal and Blogspot. Easier there than personal websites to keep up with what people are posting.

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