RIP Nick Cardy, 1920-2013

I hope to have more to say about the wonderful Nick Cardy later. For now, here are several of my favorite Cardy sketches, most of them drawn when he was in his 80s:

CARDY.AQUAMAN cardy.aquaman2 cardy.batlash cardy.batman CARDY cardy.ladyluck cardy.quicksilver_comm cardy.riorita cardy.sheena cardy.superman cardy.wonderwoman cardy_Aquaman cardy_aquamanmera cardy_brandy Cardy_Mera_Drawing cardy_scarletwitch cardy_tarzan cardy_titans cardy_wondergirl cardy_wondergirla cardy_wonderwoman CardyGraytone CardyTT11_cvrrec CardyWW


2 thoughts on “RIP Nick Cardy, 1920-2013

  1. Thank you Jesse for sharing this. He was one of my 2 favorite artist the other being you! I just spoke to Nick on his 93rd birthday and he seemed in good health and happy. Looking forward to talking to him in Heaven. I sure do miss his wit!

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